Rustic Reflections

swirling around listless as if crazy
when right or wrong ceases to be hazy
buoyant ripples of its crazy frenzy
surge into jubilation in a jazzy fancy

wiggling between what is right or wrong
when thoughts go insane & play ping pong
euphoric strokes of its exhilarating song
take us over the seventh heaven all along

fighting every fear to lose her on the way
when mettle goes feeble and begins to sway
its enchanting intoxication begins to play
a wily game on the sly with the intention to slay


it was just me with my false premise
blinded by belief i ceased to be wise
chasing it all alone in those scary skies
i found it to be a mirage in a neat disguise

but something still stops me to believe what i see
assures me again & again that it’ll come back to me
i really want to believe in this inner voice of mine
but was it just only me ?..squirms like a tremor within me

PS..i really wish it comes back to me..i know it’ll come back to me someday…

love is..but a leap of faith..
scarry though..owing to  its depth..
trust your heart..shedding your fears..
a lovely world exists..beneath those tears..

a thousand miles away from you
yet alwaz so near so close to you
every moment reminds me of you
mere thought makes me one with you

diving deep into the sea of hues
i emerge into your muse
stunned to see you all over dat cruise
i wish to live forever amidst your charming views

wondering at d stars twinkling in the sky
i set out on my flight of fancy in a high
only to find d stars nervous, conscious & shy
in front of your lovely aura hard to eclipse or defy

looking at the clouds flying high above the mountains
when i try to find you somehow..amidst their charming reigns
i see your reflection in every they pour down in lovely rains
yet i miss you in every drop which slips away from my anxious hands..

PS..we could be far but we would never be so far… 🙂

millions of colors in my love’s expanse
sea-full of shimmer..anxiety within immense
countless stars in my intense
sky-full of clouds..uncertainity looms dense

sunshine every morning belies all my fears
fading beams eclipse hope..bring out tears
moon smiles every night..soothes and cheers
gloomy darkness pervades..delight disappears

clouds form a zillion shapes in myriad ways
sometimes a lovely couple..sometimes a maze
floating in my own bubble..dazed in her craze
i fear to come out & lose her in a blinding blaze..



PS..i only fear to lose her…but won’t lose her 🙂

I am not so good, I am so much bad
I dont know this, I dont know that
Good for nothing, I carry this tag

Things entice me, I hop on all of them
Continue nothing, never let anything stem
Good for nothing, all of them condemn

I start things, But not to finish
All the zeal soon tends to diminsh
Good for nothing, thats why they admonish

I run along, but not long enough
That makes the race rough and tough
Good for nothing, thats why they rebuff

I let my moods swing and sway so easily
That anyone and anything can fling me quickly
Good for nothing, thats why they say constantly

I expect people to talk and befriend me
But never try to set my inhibitions free
Good for nothing, thats why they decree

I dream a lot, but work less and less
Waiting for some angel to come and bless
Good for nothing, I must confess

Every morning, I take up a pledge
To curb my impulses & keep myself on edge
But my propensity drives me down the wedge
Good for nothing, thats why they allege

good for nothing

PS…many a times its necessary that we criticize ourselves to bring out best in ourselves !! 🙂

she loves me..she loves me not
may be she is just waiting to give a nod
or may be she is just shy or thinks a lot
she loves me..she loves me not

her smile belies all my silly doubts
but sometimes drifts me in hazy clouds
may be she is also eager to tie the knot
she loves me..she loves me not

her love gives my dream, wings to fly high
but her cute fury gives my tummy, butterflies
may be i am just dumb to sense her winsome plot
she loves me..she loves me not..


PS..The poetry is all in the anticipation, for there is none in reality” …Mark Twain