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close brush with police!!

Posted on: January 17, 2009

Saturdays have always been my favorite as one week ends with it and next day is again a holiday. But today it came with a twist in the tale. I was going to my nearby gym in the morning on my vintage bike and as usual without my mobile, helmet, license and even wallet. As I went past Lokhandwala circle, Mumbai police sleuths directed me to corner my bike sideways and asked for all the regular papers. I had none! With no option left, I surrendered myself and then sitting inside the police van, wondered at my comical condition on my favorite day of the week! In that cruel van, sitting beside me was a fellow victim of carelessness. Fortunately he was carrying a mobile and allowed me make a call. Now the question was whom to call?? Neither my bro nor papa were at home…so the only option left was to call mumma although I would never want her to be a part of all these mishappenings which keep on happening with me. The moment she realized that I am in a police van, bouts of tears unleashed within seconds. Somehow I made her understand that she would need to come to Lokhandwala circle to rescue me. Finally she turned up around the corner with all the paper stuff and somehow I was able to convince that stout hawaldaar that I found my license in my dikky. But then this wasnt enough to mellow his heart. One moment I thought to bribe him but then thought that this could put me in a even more grave situation. While I was going thinking through all the pros and cons of my actions, hawaldars nabbed three thugs from an auto. Police men brought them silently inside the van, but then as soon as those three guys took their seat, blows they had bear were so hard to see and digest. I felt as if I am one of those street ruffians and truly experienced the life behind the bars in those excruciating moments. After all these beatings, they decided to move to versova police station along with all of us victims. I was close to move behind the bars for the first time in my life but then my angel arrived in the form a generous inspector. I am not sure what he thought when I requested him for mercy but whatever it was, I am thankful to god that he ordered the constable to return all my documents and set me free. By then Papa had come to know about this incident and so just after I hopped over my bike to go to gym, my cell ringed and then a stream of scoldings went through my ears. I heard them all with a cool mind without uttering even a single word in my defence because as always Papa is never wrong!!

place where i was cought...

place where i was caught...

PS…later on I came to know that all those patrollings, checkings, barricades, police vans are in anticipation of threat to Kasab’s life….anyways moral of d story is…always follow rules !! 😉


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