Rustic Reflections

(S)ome (O)ne is (R)eally (R)emembering (Y)ou..!!

Posted on: December 4, 2008

sometimes some words in haste
although being artless and chaste
fortuitously may show up in bad taste

sometimes a glib tongue slip
casual carefree may be on the flip
may rub a weak nerve as if a frost nip

sometimes a silly misdemeanour
although in a playful juvenile endeavour
may hurt feelings and break away forever

sometimes a prankish mockery
done in a light gesture, only cursory
may break hearts as if a delicate crockery

Mistakes may sometimes happen
Mishaps may shape up, spirits may dampen
but nothing to worry, nothing to dishearten
as a simple heartfelt sorry is enough to strengthen
lost trust, love and compassion to a shining beacon in horizon !!


PS….just say sorry with all your heart….never lose ur loved ones….as to part with love is so difficult and hard…


1 Response to "(S)ome (O)ne is (R)eally (R)emembering (Y)ou..!!"

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