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millions of colors in my love’s expanse
sea-full of shimmer..anxiety within immense
countless stars in my intense
sky-full of clouds..uncertainity looms dense

sunshine every morning belies all my fears
fading beams eclipse hope..bring out tears
moon smiles every night..soothes and cheers
gloomy darkness pervades..delight disappears

clouds form a zillion shapes in myriad ways
sometimes a lovely couple..sometimes a maze
floating in my own bubble..dazed in her craze
i fear to come out & lose her in a blinding blaze..



PS..i only fear to lose her…but won’t lose her πŸ™‚


she loves me..she loves me not
may be she is just waiting to give a nod
or may be she is just shy or thinks a lot
she loves me..she loves me not

her smile belies all my silly doubts
but sometimes drifts me in hazy clouds
may be she is also eager to tie the knot
she loves me..she loves me not

her love gives my dream, wings to fly high
but her cute fury gives my tummy, butterflies
may be i am just dumb to sense her winsome plot
she loves me..she loves me not..


PS..β€œThe poetry is all in the anticipation, for there is none in reality” …Mark Twain

however scary the path may be
however hazy the situation may be
there’s always a glimmer at the end of tunnel
sun always turns down night is a fact eternal

mind may be cluttered with doubt
logic might be covered with cloud
ideas always come when they are least expected
peaks exist only because troughs are resurrected

sometimes wishes seem to be elusive
however hard we may try to be progressive
there’s always a dream hidden deep inside our hearts
visualize it just everyday and reach for the stars!!


PS…here’s one my fav quotes from my all time fav movie series Rocky….”it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

we all live in our own crazy capsules of ever increasing craving for ‘more’ in the crazy chaos of cities that in the process of reaching our destinations, we disregard those small small moments of happiness which could have made our lives journey pleasurable and meaningful in true sense….


here’s an appeal to that unsettling unrelenting part of ourselves to ease a little bit and appreciate the beauty of life which is the greatest gift of god to us !!

busy bee take out some time free
so much beauty, so many splendors to see
birds chirping from ur balcony tree
eager to talk to u, some1 counting 1 2 three..

busy bee take some time out to smile
there is more to life than pile of files
happiness shouldn’t be separated by nautical miles
ur lovely smile makes someone’s every moment worthwhile

busy bee take some time out to dance
life is so ephemeral and dicey, why to take chance
so many enticing enchanting things to jazz up romance
someone wish u to leave all inhibitions to enter music’s trance

busy bee take some time out to reflect
work is not the only way to connect
life goes on in a wink, leaving no time to even suspect
someone’s longing for ur long lost feelings to recollect

busy bee take some time out to praise beauty
office, meetings, work are just a routine duty
there lies treasure trove of nature’s untouched booty
someone wanting you to make his life delectable as a fruity!!

when i grow up, i want to be a little boy...

PS…Life is beautiful !!

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..

crazy heart and its crazy whispers
crazy is its beats & crazy is its quivers
crazy is its squirm & crazy is its shiver
crazy is its twinkle & crazy is its desire to peer
that crazy spectacle of her beauty’s beam..

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..

crazy is the world, need a crazy friend
crazy is its frenzy, need someone to hold & depend
crazy be a tune, crazy be its melody to transcend
crazy be my legs and crazy be their desire to ascend
that crazy elation of dance’s stream..

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..

crazy be a solitary dark, crazy be a serene peace
crazy be a shivering flame, crazy be a way for feelings to unleash
crazy be a willing veil, eager to part with that glowing gleam
crazy be a willing veil, slowly showing in a subtle scheme
that crazy slip over her lovely face as if a lovely dream…

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..


PS..isn’t it so wonderful to be crazy πŸ˜‰