Rustic Reflections

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love is..but a leap of faith..
scarry though..owing to  its depth..
trust your heart..shedding your fears..
a lovely world exists..beneath those tears..


sometimes some words in haste
although being artless and chaste
fortuitously may show up in bad taste

sometimes a glib tongue slip
casual carefree may be on the flip
may rub a weak nerve as if a frost nip

sometimes a silly misdemeanour
although in a playful juvenile endeavour
may hurt feelings and break away forever

sometimes a prankish mockery
done in a light gesture, only cursory
may break hearts as if a delicate crockery

Mistakes may sometimes happen
Mishaps may shape up, spirits may dampen
but nothing to worry, nothing to dishearten
as a simple heartfelt sorry is enough to strengthen
lost trust, love and compassion to a shining beacon in horizon !!


PS….just say sorry with all your heart….never lose ur loved ones….as to part with love is so difficult and hard…

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..

crazy heart and its crazy whispers
crazy is its beats & crazy is its quivers
crazy is its squirm & crazy is its shiver
crazy is its twinkle & crazy is its desire to peer
that crazy spectacle of her beauty’s beam..

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..

crazy is the world, need a crazy friend
crazy is its frenzy, need someone to hold & depend
crazy be a tune, crazy be its melody to transcend
crazy be my legs and crazy be their desire to ascend
that crazy elation of dance’s stream..

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..

crazy be a solitary dark, crazy be a serene peace
crazy be a shivering flame, crazy be a way for feelings to unleash
crazy be a willing veil, eager to part with that glowing gleam
crazy be a willing veil, slowly showing in a subtle scheme
that crazy slip over her lovely face as if a lovely dream…

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..


PS..isn’t it so wonderful to be crazy 😉

It’s been always on my mind to start a blog but never went further than browsing through the enormous and amazing treasure trove of blogs splashed over the canvass of world wide web. I have been writing regularly for almost a year now, so I thought I should now present a cradle to the whims and whispers of my squirming mind and a lullaby of direction and structure to my thoughts so that they embark on a beautiful journey of rustic reflections.

And ‘blog’ is just the right way of pampering the mischievous child within oneself. So when I decided to start a blog, the first thing was to select a name for it. After a long battle of eager names, Rustic Reflections came over as victorious. You must be thinking why such an ‘out of the blue’ name but there are a couple of reasons behind its victory. First is that its initials are so very much special to me and make up my most beautiful heartfelt dream. Second is its meaning – simple artless portrayal of thoughts which are nothing but reflections of ourselves in the mirror of our hearts.

Here is a small lullaby and a prayer to keep away any whammy….

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