Rustic Reflections

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a thousand miles away from you
yet alwaz so near so close to you
every moment reminds me of you
mere thought makes me one with you

diving deep into the sea of hues
i emerge into your muse
stunned to see you all over dat cruise
i wish to live forever amidst your charming views

wondering at d stars twinkling in the sky
i set out on my flight of fancy in a high
only to find d stars nervous, conscious & shy
in front of your lovely aura hard to eclipse or defy

looking at the clouds flying high above the mountains
when i try to find you somehow..amidst their charming reigns
i see your reflection in every they pour down in lovely rains
yet i miss you in every drop which slips away from my anxious hands..

PS..we could be far but we would never be so far… 🙂