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I am not so good, I am so much bad
I dont know this, I dont know that
Good for nothing, I carry this tag

Things entice me, I hop on all of them
Continue nothing, never let anything stem
Good for nothing, all of them condemn

I start things, But not to finish
All the zeal soon tends to diminsh
Good for nothing, thats why they admonish

I run along, but not long enough
That makes the race rough and tough
Good for nothing, thats why they rebuff

I let my moods swing and sway so easily
That anyone and anything can fling me quickly
Good for nothing, thats why they say constantly

I expect people to talk and befriend me
But never try to set my inhibitions free
Good for nothing, thats why they decree

I dream a lot, but work less and less
Waiting for some angel to come and bless
Good for nothing, I must confess

Every morning, I take up a pledge
To curb my impulses & keep myself on edge
But my propensity drives me down the wedge
Good for nothing, thats why they allege

good for nothing

PS…many a times its necessary that we criticize ourselves to bring out best in ourselves !! 🙂


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