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we all live in our own crazy capsules of ever increasing craving for ‘more’ in the crazy chaos of cities that in the process of reaching our destinations, we disregard those small small moments of happiness which could have made our lives journey pleasurable and meaningful in true sense….


here’s an appeal to that unsettling unrelenting part of ourselves to ease a little bit and appreciate the beauty of life which is the greatest gift of god to us !!

busy bee take out some time free
so much beauty, so many splendors to see
birds chirping from ur balcony tree
eager to talk to u, some1 counting 1 2 three..

busy bee take some time out to smile
there is more to life than pile of files
happiness shouldn’t be separated by nautical miles
ur lovely smile makes someone’s every moment worthwhile

busy bee take some time out to dance
life is so ephemeral and dicey, why to take chance
so many enticing enchanting things to jazz up romance
someone wish u to leave all inhibitions to enter music’s trance

busy bee take some time out to reflect
work is not the only way to connect
life goes on in a wink, leaving no time to even suspect
someone’s longing for ur long lost feelings to recollect

busy bee take some time out to praise beauty
office, meetings, work are just a routine duty
there lies treasure trove of nature’s untouched booty
someone wanting you to make his life delectable as a fruity!!

when i grow up, i want to be a little boy...

PS…Life is beautiful !!


Terrorists have again invaded our sense of security and tranquil. This is not the first time though.  They have stormed our lives time and again. They think that with a crazy bunch of brainwashed, callously hatred-seduced marauders, they can snatch our peace and harmony. In a way their perception of this kind is true, because we, we the common people, let them believe this way. Passive governance of our country and a meek stance make them believe that they can come at any time and destroy our lives.

I love Mumbai as its a place of intensity, tenacity and an indomitable spirit and I salute its undying spirit. Yesterday these out-of-mind so-called revolutionists, again barged in my city in a ruthless cavalcade of atrocity. They may be doing this as a part of their wayward nonsense jihad, but in a way its a Big Question posed to us, to the people of this country, to our ability to endure barbarity, to our strength of resilience and to our sense of aggression.

These bandits, these plunderers should be just wiped off this earth in a single sweep of head-on blunt attack. And if our governments are feeble to take any strong action, it is our responsibility to give them a strong slap in face and jab them out of our lives.

‘A Wednesday’ movie conveys the same message that if a common man has its way, he can do anything to drive away and to end these filthy beings. Unfortunately or may be intentionally, terrorists took this despicable step on a Wednesday.

Here’s a warning to these terrorists from a common man…

I am a common man
from a common clan
Resilient by action
Not just by force or exaction

I am someone’s son
As strong as a blazing sun
Resolute as a loaded gun
Not easy to make me run

I am someone’s brother
Vigilant as a valiant soldier
Watchful with verve and fervor
Not alone by Rakhi’s tether

I am someone’s husband
Steadfast with a sturdy hand
Commited with a staunch stand
Not just by a black-beaded strand

I am someone’s friend
Trustworthy with no end
Always there to depend
Not just to pretend

I am a common man
from a common clan
Resilient by action
Not just by force or exaction

Smoke coming out of the top floor of Taj Hotel, which was targeted by terrorists in Mumbai 26-Nov-08

Smoke coming out of the top floor of Taj Hotel, which was targeted by terrorists in Mumbai 26-Nov-08

(T)errific, (H)ypnotic, (O)utstanding, (L)ovely feathered creatures, birds, flying high in the sky, have always caught our fancy to reach for the sky and have given our imagination wings of passion, ambition and fascination. All of us have longed for that flight of freedom through the unending blue of the sky and the remembrance of that beautiful dream have always filled in us, hope, positivity and buoyancy. This wonderful dream, snoozing in a corner of my heart, suddenly plunged to take a great leap, and gave me this idea to explore a bird sanctuary.

Incidentally I was in Ahmedabad, city of my childhood memories, to catch up with old buddies and we chose Thol Bird Sanctuary as our weekend getaway. Adding zest to the idea was the company of my best friend whose lively presence made it my most pleasurable nature trip. So we left for Thol early in the morning at about 7:15 AM. Chill and charm in the morning breeze made the journey even more enjoyable and thrilling, especially for night-riders like us. Thol Sanctuary is located 40 kms northwest of Ahmedabad, in Mehsana District and it takes just 1 hr to reach that picturesque place, which makes it a place for a quick escapade from crazy chaos of cities.

As we transgressed beyond the boundaries of Ahmedabad, gradually farms replaced concrete-parks on both sides of the road in our driving-panorama in an easy transition and with this the chill in air became shriller sending the thrill of adventure right into our spines. As we approached near to the sanctuary, birds playing in the farms and over the foreheads of neck-deep-in-water buffaloes gave an indication of bevy of beauties waiting for us to mesmerize our imagination.

Generally we blame administration on lack of involvement in the maintenance of natural habitats, but in the case of Thol sanctuary, this same neglect turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Because this has gifted the petite sanctuary with that untouched, pristine, natural sense of beauty. So when we reached the place, we found no fences, no boundaries, no regulations and only a sleepy, meek policeman inside the ticket window. Unsure of which direction to proceed after taking the ticket, we just climbed the first steps to reach the top of the embankment which was initially looking like a high support for a railway line crossing through the agricultural land. But then when our eyes came across that gorgeous view of rippling lake and the surrounding greenery with herds of birds perched over trees and flying freely over the lucid waters, it became evident that there laid a treasure trove of scenic beauty waiting to be explored by us.

Following the ephemeral views of birds and beckoning waves of calm serene lake, we hurried towards the waters. The area around lake is surrounded by thick scrub forests with many yellow color flower trees. Such benevolent trees in full bloom give such a wonderful and alluring shadow under them with a dreamy carpet of flowers, that any person can fall in love with nature. And for a connoisseur like me, already in love, sitting under that lovely penumbra with my special someone, looking towards nature’s fascinating beauty through her eyes, is my most cherished dream!

When we reached near the shining waters, gleaming in the crimson rays of morning sun, there we found a rocky pathway reaching towards the center of lake. And we just plunged to hop over it with such child like ado and fun that life suddenly looked like coming out of all the hustle-bustle of our synthetic lives, as if a child finds his true solace and comfort in the lap of his mother. When we reached the tip of it and looked towards the mischievous small ripples of waters blowing with the morning breeze, with our hands spread outward, it reminded me of that beautiful titanic scene in which the loving couple just surrender themselves to each other in a mystic flight of their true love. We sat there in that lovely setting for quite some time capturing the beauty in our eyes and took world’s best breakfast.

Thol Lake, encompassing an area of 7 sq km has marshy fringes and with scrub forests surrounding the sides of the high banks, makes it an ideal spot for a large number of migratory birds, particularly those who belong to the category of waders and waterfowls.  Thol is their temporary sojourn for the winters and so it is best to visit this Lake Sanctuary in the months between October and March.

Rich variety of waterfowl including Mallards and good numbers of Greylag Geese, Sarus Cranes, the odd Spotted Flycatcher and waders which include Eurasian Curlews, wintering Great White Pelicans, Flamingos, grey pelicans, black ibis and a profusion of other wetland birds, makes it every bird-watcher’s dream place. Large number of waterfowls gets attracted to this site due to the agricultural fields surrounding the lake. This man-made wetland, created in 1912 and declared as a sanctuary in November 1988, has high conservation value. The tallest flying bird of the world Sarus crane inhabits this area and is found in good number.

As we strolled along the serene environment, weaving our way through the shaded canopy of trees we caught glimpses of many exotic Birds, came across some unique species of herbs and shrubs. Generous droppings of happy birds have given a white cover to sky-facing surfaces of trees and when we see it in sunlight as a whole, it looks like a white shawl clad dusky beauty. The dark and foreboding attractiveness of the thick herds of trees give it a fairy land kind of appearance. Emergent and floating aquatic plants are there at the Sanctuary along with some terrestrial trees and herbs such as desi baval, bor, neem, vad, pilu, gando baval, kerdo etc.

With that continuous intrigue, we ventured forth until one end of the lake and then returned back following the same lovely trail of hidden beauties of nature. If you are a true bird-lover and desire to observe Birds in their natural habitat peacefully and without any sudden and unsettling interruption, Thol Wildlife Sanctuary at Mehsana is the venue for you and most importantly you can satiate your desire in just 2-3 hours of passionate adventure.

It was really a lovely experience and this has given me a strong inspiration to unleash my long dormant passion…photography. I wish that ‘Thol’ may be the auspicious ‘dhol’ to begin my new found interest.. 🙂

So far apart, yet so close together!

So far apart, yet so close together!

PS…found these made-for-each-other shells some distance apart, while exploring the enticing fringes of Thol lake…these are the only souvenirs of our beautiful visit to Thol sanctuary !!

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..

crazy heart and its crazy whispers
crazy is its beats & crazy is its quivers
crazy is its squirm & crazy is its shiver
crazy is its twinkle & crazy is its desire to peer
that crazy spectacle of her beauty’s beam..

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..

crazy is the world, need a crazy friend
crazy is its frenzy, need someone to hold & depend
crazy be a tune, crazy be its melody to transcend
crazy be my legs and crazy be their desire to ascend
that crazy elation of dance’s stream..

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..

crazy be a solitary dark, crazy be a serene peace
crazy be a shivering flame, crazy be a way for feelings to unleash
crazy be a willing veil, eager to part with that glowing gleam
crazy be a willing veil, slowly showing in a subtle scheme
that crazy slip over her lovely face as if a lovely dream…

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..


PS..isn’t it so wonderful to be crazy 😉

The first thing I do in the morning is to collect some jowar (type of sorghum) in a carry bag for my best friends pigeons who are always waiting for me in the play ground just behind my building. So today when I reached our mutually fixed place in the ground, I found school kids scattered in the ground in their white dresses. One of them told me that its their School Sports Day. That vim, vigor, vivacity over that child’s face with which he proudly declared his sports day, brought in me all those lovely memories of my own sports days in school alive. I still vividly remember the zeal with which we used to prepare for that prized event and always longed for as many prizes we could grab in different games and athletic events.

With those sweet nostalgic memories overpowering me, I felt this to be a right moment to write a small rhyme about those lovely school days….

Sports day, Our cherished Day
Day full of fun frolic and play
That prized announcement of the day
Sends all the discipline into disarray

Days of prep, training and morning sprints
Frenzy to find a place in selection prints
Verve, vigor, vibes in those spirited stints
Cups and medals titillating with their glints

100m, 200m, relay and many more races
Different games with different chases
High jumps long jumps amidst hooters gazes
Everyone in fray of winning podium places

– Cheers to School Sports Day and its undying spirit!!

View from my window!

View from my window!



My last post – ‘IT Global Delivery Model – An Insider View’ came just day before yesterday and today when I took a look at morning newspaper, the first thing I noticed was an article titled – ‘IT professionals form union to hold on to jobs’. I wasn’t expecting so quick turn around in the public (IT junta) mindset. No no, I am not taking the credit for this new beginning but I guess I am part of the collective conscience which is gradually taking shape in the minds of IT folks and that’s why I came up with my last post . Though it was not exactly about the job losses due to global recession but theme was to raise a voice for our community. I am happy that hitherto dormant ‘Union for Information and Technology-enabled Services’ atleast took this initiative in the current global poignant times.

Below is the HT article I am referring to…

Das Kapital would probably not be on their reading lists, yet in their hour of crisis, India’s information technology professionals have turned to collective bargaining techniques that Marx would laud.

Stunned by the recent wave of lay-offs in the sector as a result of the global financial crisis, the country’s hitherto dormant Union for Information and Technology-enabled Services has enlisted the help of the mighty Switzerland-based Global Union Federation and Union Network International, which has 15 million members belonging to 900 unions from all over the world. The Indian union is now a chapter of the global union.

A group of top officials from the global union is scheduled to arrive in New Delhi on December 5 to meet Nasscom officials and Indian ministers to talk about how best the sector can safeguard employee’s interests. After these discussions, office bearers of the Indian union will tour the country, talking to company managements about alternatives to firing employees.

“We tell them how to use the same skill sets of people in other sectors which are booming, like biotechnology and pharmaceutical research,” said Karthik Shekhar, a former employee of IBM who is now the full-time general secretary of the Indian chapter of the global union.

The Indian union, which has about 15,000 members from top firms such as IBM and Infosys, estimates that firms in the sector have axed 10,000 jobs in the past three months. The Indian union may, however, be defying a long-standing diktat by the industry’s umbrella body, the National Association of Software and Service Companies, or Nasscom, that IT professionals must not get involved in trade unionism.

“We don’t need intermediaries,” Ganesh Natarajan told HT. “The industry is very transparent.” The global union does not agree.

“Nasscom have got it all wrong,” Philip Jennings, the general secretary of the global union, told HT from Nyon in Switzerland. “They need unions as much as the staff do — if they are to get effective feedback and tackle common issues like high turnover and training deficits. Global cooperation between unions is also necessary to ensure that the increasing number of foreign multinationals arriving in India.”


Though IT is a people centric industry, we find it to be mainly comprised of a brigade of quiet docile computer geeks silently dolling out applications for Whites. We need someone to be torch bearer for IT community just as blacks have found their harbinger in Obama! To begin with I thought I should atleast elucidate upon the predicament of our sheepish quiet folks.
Here’s a sneak peek into the happenings in the so called KPOs with euphemism of IT Consultancy in corporate world..
(Note: For those new to IT field, Onsite refers to client location (generally US, Europe) and offshore refers to places where actual work happens like India, China, Mexico)

Global Delivery Model — An Insider View

Offshore Ordeal

Life isn’t always lolly candy hunky-dory
Working from offshore for onsite glory

Endless extended hours & followups with no respite
No recognition or appreciation only pain to bite

Daily calls, meetings and action items
Offshore visibility is needed in every item

Less pay, no incentive, no allowances, even pay-cuts
Inspite of giving our every bit and crossing all our guts

Weekends and holidays have no place and chance
Vacation plan and followup mails always sent in advance

No place to education, experience and skill-set
Know all – master nothing is their constant bet

They say corporations are for common man and masses
Atleast i dont feel the same working inside dark glasses

Onsite Odyssey

Its another part of world and a different story
Working from onsite is shining like a sun in full glory

Morning calls, delegation of work & then freedom in sight
Client appreciation and chances of extension look bright

Daily calls, meetings and track offshore action items
Grab all the opportunity and all lime light in every item

Coffers bulging with dollars and eyes going nuts
All the hard work pays one day with no ifs and buts

Every weekend a new escapade, a new thrill, a new adventure
Whites enjoy every holiday and so do us in the same indenture

Every new project is mine, for it I am all set
Know some, vocalize some more without any fret

Corps are great but it’s just sheer luck which encompasses
Ones ticket to onsite and a chance to go beyond masses


PS..some may agree, some may disagree with this view but its just one way of looking at things…till then wait for other perspectives to follow the trail in my forthcoming posts…cheers!