Rustic Reflections

Archive for April 2009

however scary the path may be
however hazy the situation may be
there’s always a glimmer at the end of tunnel
sun always turns down night is a fact eternal

mind may be cluttered with doubt
logic might be covered with cloud
ideas always come when they are least expected
peaks exist only because troughs are resurrected

sometimes wishes seem to be elusive
however hard we may try to be progressive
there’s always a dream hidden deep inside our hearts
visualize it just everyday and reach for the stars!!


PS…here’s one my fav quotes from my all time fav movie series Rocky….”it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”


Once upon a time
a project took shape
everybody was happy
everything looked great

users expected a lot
team didnt give it a thought
demands were never ending
CF250 always remained pending

anyways with time coding started
never to complete on a path uncharted
code changes continued endlessly
in the absence of DPMM rules..seriously

delivered optimum design & solution
but too late for any kind of retribution
client had lost confidence and trust
someone had to bring back faith with a thrust

onsite woke up from a good sleep
only to face issues in heaps and leaps
offshore struggled to balance somehow
took all charge thereafter with a vow

rigorous followups and several nights
strict monitoring with blows and bites
although turned into a nightmare in real sense
but brought back control, clarity & confidence

approved design docs and test plans
were the key things missing from project plan
ownership was not methodical and on right shoulders
ultimately team had to bear the brunt in boulders

all said and done…all is well if it ends well
hardwork atlast bore fruits and rang right bells
things smoothened and gradually turned hunky dory
happy days returned back and we won back our glory