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search the theme of search
search the need of search
search the basis of search
search the ways of search

search for ideas of search
search the facts for search
search the journals for search
search the projects for search

search for the love of search
search for the purpose of search
search but do not re-search
do the original real-search

for real search will only give
moments of ‘eureka’ to live !!


PS..just wore the hat of a research scholar for a few moments…but on parallel lines, don’t you think life’s an eternal quest for every one of us to search for our own moment of ‘eureka’ !! 😉


It’s been almost two months since I posted my last post. I like writing but sometimes time passes by in such a fast and furious pace that we find ourselves just a mute spectator watching a race course from sidelines. So here is a small attempt to begin the magic again!

When i sit to write something, there are broadly two things which happen along…structuring of thoughts which happens in my mind and then translation of those ideas onto paper. So in a way a blank white paper (it could be a diary page..a notepad..or a doc on my lappy) plays a major role in catapulting me far away into a world of my own thoughts… is an ode to the white blank inspiring freshness of a piece of paper… (looking strange!!…well i myself find writing a strange but unique experience… 😉 )

mocking paper…..

teasing me, grinning at me
chasing me like a frenetic bee
tickling me like a child in glee
mocking paper, stirring writer in me!

so much to praise so much to muse
gifts of nature in so many kinds & hues
but sometimes i go into creative slumber & snooze
mocking paper then gives me a keen eye to choose my muse!

ideas knock on me and pass by
sometimes linger for a moment and fly by
but its untouched freshness inspires me to try
to capture my thoughts before they fly away and high!

triggering my thoughts, my imagination
turning my isolation into thoughtful levitation
constant companion in my realizations and revelations
its him who gives me direction and pulls me out of stagnation!


PS…mocking paper is in fact a mocking bird giving our imagination a flight of fancy…. 🙂

Saturdays have always been my favorite as one week ends with it and next day is again a holiday. But today it came with a twist in the tale. I was going to my nearby gym in the morning on my vintage bike and as usual without my mobile, helmet, license and even wallet. As I went past Lokhandwala circle, Mumbai police sleuths directed me to corner my bike sideways and asked for all the regular papers. I had none! With no option left, I surrendered myself and then sitting inside the police van, wondered at my comical condition on my favorite day of the week! In that cruel van, sitting beside me was a fellow victim of carelessness. Fortunately he was carrying a mobile and allowed me make a call. Now the question was whom to call?? Neither my bro nor papa were at home…so the only option left was to call mumma although I would never want her to be a part of all these mishappenings which keep on happening with me. The moment she realized that I am in a police van, bouts of tears unleashed within seconds. Somehow I made her understand that she would need to come to Lokhandwala circle to rescue me. Finally she turned up around the corner with all the paper stuff and somehow I was able to convince that stout hawaldaar that I found my license in my dikky. But then this wasnt enough to mellow his heart. One moment I thought to bribe him but then thought that this could put me in a even more grave situation. While I was going thinking through all the pros and cons of my actions, hawaldars nabbed three thugs from an auto. Police men brought them silently inside the van, but then as soon as those three guys took their seat, blows they had bear were so hard to see and digest. I felt as if I am one of those street ruffians and truly experienced the life behind the bars in those excruciating moments. After all these beatings, they decided to move to versova police station along with all of us victims. I was close to move behind the bars for the first time in my life but then my angel arrived in the form a generous inspector. I am not sure what he thought when I requested him for mercy but whatever it was, I am thankful to god that he ordered the constable to return all my documents and set me free. By then Papa had come to know about this incident and so just after I hopped over my bike to go to gym, my cell ringed and then a stream of scoldings went through my ears. I heard them all with a cool mind without uttering even a single word in my defence because as always Papa is never wrong!!

place where i was cought...

place where i was caught...

PS…later on I came to know that all those patrollings, checkings, barricades, police vans are in anticipation of threat to Kasab’s life….anyways moral of d story is…always follow rules !! 😉

Today is ‘World Orgasm day’. Helloooo…..before you start building raunchy thoughts in your wildest imagination,  let me tell you that it isn’t about sex but about ‘world peace’. Now you must be wondering that rustic has gone mad as how come such a personal pursuit of pleasure bring global camaraderie and harmony. The theory is that if enough people can climax at the same time while projecting a conscious intention for peace and harmony on the planet, a surge of physical and spiritual positivity will infuse the Earth’s energy field. The organizers think that surge will create a different kind of global warming – the warming feeling of love and harmony and an aversion to violence. “It’s the only good thing about having too many people on the planet, what with over-population causing ‘Peak Everything’” says Paul Reffell, one of the organizers. “For the Global-O, the more the merrier”. Buy this idea?


Today is also Humbug Day, the day that “allows everyone preparing for Christmas to vent their frustrations,” according to Wellcat Holidays, which copyrighted the concept.


And today…no no..tonight its Winter solctice.  Its the longest night of the year. The word solstice comes from Latin ‘sol’ (sun) and ‘sistere'(to stand still).  It occurs at the instant when the sun’s position in the sky is at its greatest angular distance on the other side of the equatorial plane from the observer’s hemisphere.  For a night-rider and someone who loves winter like me, its a double bonus!


So three things today…combination of first and third can be awesome ;)…so ladies and gentlemen on this sunday…between cooking up an orgasm and being a humbug today, you choose…?

sometimes some words in haste
although being artless and chaste
fortuitously may show up in bad taste

sometimes a glib tongue slip
casual carefree may be on the flip
may rub a weak nerve as if a frost nip

sometimes a silly misdemeanour
although in a playful juvenile endeavour
may hurt feelings and break away forever

sometimes a prankish mockery
done in a light gesture, only cursory
may break hearts as if a delicate crockery

Mistakes may sometimes happen
Mishaps may shape up, spirits may dampen
but nothing to worry, nothing to dishearten
as a simple heartfelt sorry is enough to strengthen
lost trust, love and compassion to a shining beacon in horizon !!


PS….just say sorry with all your heart….never lose ur loved ones….as to part with love is so difficult and hard…

The first thing I do in the morning is to collect some jowar (type of sorghum) in a carry bag for my best friends pigeons who are always waiting for me in the play ground just behind my building. So today when I reached our mutually fixed place in the ground, I found school kids scattered in the ground in their white dresses. One of them told me that its their School Sports Day. That vim, vigor, vivacity over that child’s face with which he proudly declared his sports day, brought in me all those lovely memories of my own sports days in school alive. I still vividly remember the zeal with which we used to prepare for that prized event and always longed for as many prizes we could grab in different games and athletic events.

With those sweet nostalgic memories overpowering me, I felt this to be a right moment to write a small rhyme about those lovely school days….

Sports day, Our cherished Day
Day full of fun frolic and play
That prized announcement of the day
Sends all the discipline into disarray

Days of prep, training and morning sprints
Frenzy to find a place in selection prints
Verve, vigor, vibes in those spirited stints
Cups and medals titillating with their glints

100m, 200m, relay and many more races
Different games with different chases
High jumps long jumps amidst hooters gazes
Everyone in fray of winning podium places

– Cheers to School Sports Day and its undying spirit!!

View from my window!

View from my window!



its sunday again..
lazy morning, dreamy brain..

ample sleep..
so many snoozes of alarm beep..

skipping breakfast..
feasting on brunch in contrast..

massages, caresses, long showers..
forgetting office, those excuciating hours..

TOI, HT, magazines..
far from crowds in creative genes..

chatting, calling forgotten friends..
hi, hello, whats up..his girlfriends, her boyfriends..

remembrances of sweetheart..
appointments..long calls..breaking records & charts..

movies, plays, shopping ads..
planning evenings in snoozy yet zealous fads..

family, friends and get-to-gather..
drinks, dinner, desserts and fun even greater..

so quick passage of the day..
then comes the night and gnsd sms begins its play!!