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IT Global Delivery Model – An Insider View

Posted on: November 10, 2008

Though IT is a people centric industry, we find it to be mainly comprised of a brigade of quiet docile computer geeks silently dolling out applications for Whites. We need someone to be torch bearer for IT community just as blacks have found their harbinger in Obama! To begin with I thought I should atleast elucidate upon the predicament of our sheepish quiet folks.
Here’s a sneak peek into the happenings in the so called KPOs with euphemism of IT Consultancy in corporate world..
(Note: For those new to IT field, Onsite refers to client location (generally US, Europe) and offshore refers to places where actual work happens like India, China, Mexico)

Global Delivery Model — An Insider View

Offshore Ordeal

Life isn’t always lolly candy hunky-dory
Working from offshore for onsite glory

Endless extended hours & followups with no respite
No recognition or appreciation only pain to bite

Daily calls, meetings and action items
Offshore visibility is needed in every item

Less pay, no incentive, no allowances, even pay-cuts
Inspite of giving our every bit and crossing all our guts

Weekends and holidays have no place and chance
Vacation plan and followup mails always sent in advance

No place to education, experience and skill-set
Know all – master nothing is their constant bet

They say corporations are for common man and masses
Atleast i dont feel the same working inside dark glasses

Onsite Odyssey

Its another part of world and a different story
Working from onsite is shining like a sun in full glory

Morning calls, delegation of work & then freedom in sight
Client appreciation and chances of extension look bright

Daily calls, meetings and track offshore action items
Grab all the opportunity and all lime light in every item

Coffers bulging with dollars and eyes going nuts
All the hard work pays one day with no ifs and buts

Every weekend a new escapade, a new thrill, a new adventure
Whites enjoy every holiday and so do us in the same indenture

Every new project is mine, for it I am all set
Know some, vocalize some more without any fret

Corps are great but it’s just sheer luck which encompasses
Ones ticket to onsite and a chance to go beyond masses


PS..some may agree, some may disagree with this view but its just one way of looking at things…till then wait for other perspectives to follow the trail in my forthcoming posts…cheers!


3 Responses to "IT Global Delivery Model – An Insider View"


Seriously……this one is brilliant peace of converting real working situation in the words.

Keep it up, want to read more.

I have one word “BRAVO!”

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