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Once upon a time
a project took shape
everybody was happy
everything looked great

users expected a lot
team didnt give it a thought
demands were never ending
CF250 always remained pending

anyways with time coding started
never to complete on a path uncharted
code changes continued endlessly
in the absence of DPMM rules..seriously

delivered optimum design & solution
but too late for any kind of retribution
client had lost confidence and trust
someone had to bring back faith with a thrust

onsite woke up from a good sleep
only to face issues in heaps and leaps
offshore struggled to balance somehow
took all charge thereafter with a vow

rigorous followups and several nights
strict monitoring with blows and bites
although turned into a nightmare in real sense
but brought back control, clarity & confidence

approved design docs and test plans
were the key things missing from project plan
ownership was not methodical and on right shoulders
ultimately team had to bear the brunt in boulders

all said and done…all is well if it ends well
hardwork atlast bore fruits and rang right bells
things smoothened and gradually turned hunky dory
happy days returned back and we won back our glory



My last post – ‘IT Global Delivery Model – An Insider View’ came just day before yesterday and today when I took a look at morning newspaper, the first thing I noticed was an article titled – ‘IT professionals form union to hold on to jobs’. I wasn’t expecting so quick turn around in the public (IT junta) mindset. No no, I am not taking the credit for this new beginning but I guess I am part of the collective conscience which is gradually taking shape in the minds of IT folks and that’s why I came up with my last post . Though it was not exactly about the job losses due to global recession but theme was to raise a voice for our community. I am happy that hitherto dormant ‘Union for Information and Technology-enabled Services’ atleast took this initiative in the current global poignant times.

Below is the HT article I am referring to…

Das Kapital would probably not be on their reading lists, yet in their hour of crisis, India’s information technology professionals have turned to collective bargaining techniques that Marx would laud.

Stunned by the recent wave of lay-offs in the sector as a result of the global financial crisis, the country’s hitherto dormant Union for Information and Technology-enabled Services has enlisted the help of the mighty Switzerland-based Global Union Federation and Union Network International, which has 15 million members belonging to 900 unions from all over the world. The Indian union is now a chapter of the global union.

A group of top officials from the global union is scheduled to arrive in New Delhi on December 5 to meet Nasscom officials and Indian ministers to talk about how best the sector can safeguard employee’s interests. After these discussions, office bearers of the Indian union will tour the country, talking to company managements about alternatives to firing employees.

“We tell them how to use the same skill sets of people in other sectors which are booming, like biotechnology and pharmaceutical research,” said Karthik Shekhar, a former employee of IBM who is now the full-time general secretary of the Indian chapter of the global union.

The Indian union, which has about 15,000 members from top firms such as IBM and Infosys, estimates that firms in the sector have axed 10,000 jobs in the past three months. The Indian union may, however, be defying a long-standing diktat by the industry’s umbrella body, the National Association of Software and Service Companies, or Nasscom, that IT professionals must not get involved in trade unionism.

“We don’t need intermediaries,” Ganesh Natarajan told HT. “The industry is very transparent.” The global union does not agree.

“Nasscom have got it all wrong,” Philip Jennings, the general secretary of the global union, told HT from Nyon in Switzerland. “They need unions as much as the staff do — if they are to get effective feedback and tackle common issues like high turnover and training deficits. Global cooperation between unions is also necessary to ensure that the increasing number of foreign multinationals arriving in India.”


Though IT is a people centric industry, we find it to be mainly comprised of a brigade of quiet docile computer geeks silently dolling out applications for Whites. We need someone to be torch bearer for IT community just as blacks have found their harbinger in Obama! To begin with I thought I should atleast elucidate upon the predicament of our sheepish quiet folks.
Here’s a sneak peek into the happenings in the so called KPOs with euphemism of IT Consultancy in corporate world..
(Note: For those new to IT field, Onsite refers to client location (generally US, Europe) and offshore refers to places where actual work happens like India, China, Mexico)

Global Delivery Model — An Insider View

Offshore Ordeal

Life isn’t always lolly candy hunky-dory
Working from offshore for onsite glory

Endless extended hours & followups with no respite
No recognition or appreciation only pain to bite

Daily calls, meetings and action items
Offshore visibility is needed in every item

Less pay, no incentive, no allowances, even pay-cuts
Inspite of giving our every bit and crossing all our guts

Weekends and holidays have no place and chance
Vacation plan and followup mails always sent in advance

No place to education, experience and skill-set
Know all – master nothing is their constant bet

They say corporations are for common man and masses
Atleast i dont feel the same working inside dark glasses

Onsite Odyssey

Its another part of world and a different story
Working from onsite is shining like a sun in full glory

Morning calls, delegation of work & then freedom in sight
Client appreciation and chances of extension look bright

Daily calls, meetings and track offshore action items
Grab all the opportunity and all lime light in every item

Coffers bulging with dollars and eyes going nuts
All the hard work pays one day with no ifs and buts

Every weekend a new escapade, a new thrill, a new adventure
Whites enjoy every holiday and so do us in the same indenture

Every new project is mine, for it I am all set
Know some, vocalize some more without any fret

Corps are great but it’s just sheer luck which encompasses
Ones ticket to onsite and a chance to go beyond masses


PS..some may agree, some may disagree with this view but its just one way of looking at things…till then wait for other perspectives to follow the trail in my forthcoming posts…cheers!

If you are an IT professional (by wish or by chance!..that’s a different matter 🙂 ) or you have a friend in this area, then you must be very much familiar with the swings, dings and flings of his/her day-to-day life meandering around projects, coding, testing etc etc. But its not like that always, I mean projects can be interesting also if we get a right mix of people in our team and the work is interesting and challenging.

‘Echo’ was a project of this kind and so when it finally got over, I thought of penning down the journey of the project and to give a tribute to my team!


A Tribute to Echo…

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