Rustic Reflections

was it just only me ?

Posted on: January 17, 2010

it was just me with my false premise
blinded by belief i ceased to be wise
chasing it all alone in those scary skies
i found it to be a mirage in a neat disguise

but something still stops me to believe what i see
assures me again & again that it’ll come back to me
i really want to believe in this inner voice of mine
but was it just only me ?..squirms like a tremor within me

PS..i really wish it comes back to me..i know it’ll come back to me someday…


1 Response to "was it just only me ?"

Hi… seems i bugged u a lot as u removed my earlier comments on ur last posts…. sorry for again writing…. but I think you are undergoing a lot of pain in love…. But how did you reach to this conclusion that you are only waiting for her and she is not ? May be both of you are waiting for each other but nobody is telling anything to the other.

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