Rustic Reflections

About me tell about myself is really a challenging task, but I would give it a try as its a special day for me when you have traversed through the maze of world wide web and have somehow reached my corner!

Let me take you through a quick tour of who I am…in the way I think I am..So someone who likes to live within the candy floss of one’s own sweet dreams..someone mesmerized with the beauty of thought but still watchfully steering the direction of one’s dream machine…Someone who loves nature and beauty in its myriad manifestations…Someone who likes sun on his back and feet under the cool serene waters of a silent lake..Someone who would love to jump over the mountains in bunjee-jumping..Someone who would love to fly high in the sky in paragliding…Someone who loves winters, fresh smell of the rain, getting drenched in deluge and someone who absolutely adores snow..Someone who loves the crimson morning sky with soothing sun rays and a cool breeze blowing fresh flowers in the fields..

…this was only the dreamy element of mine…here goes part two…

Someone who likes to take cold water shower in winters..Someone who enjoys rich rajasthani ghar ka khaana (home made food)…Someone who likes jogging, pencil sketching, reading & writing random things and poetry, hill-spots, extreme ‘joy-rides’, soft music, movies…Someone who loves feeding pigeons in the morning…Someone who very much believes in god…and sometimes moody, sometimes boogie-woogie, sometime buddhuram and sometimes boring too…

…so this was another glimpse of mine…here goes part three…

25, Male, Single(not for long)…Someone who is aspiring artist by childhood imagination…but engineer by qualification…and then again twist…erp consultancy by profession…there can be many more curlicues…until then fingers crossed!

…so this was some bio…now comes the point as to why I am here on a blog…and the answer is simple..just to give structure to my vacillating mind..and in this pursuit of lyrical ‘nirvana’..would be most happy to receive your valuable critiques and comments!!


little me !

little me !

aka Sumit


2 Responses to "About me"

Hi Rustic,

Am sudharshan from bangalore. I was just browising the net to get some good image for determination so that I can put it as my image in orkut for a change. In this process, I came across so many images and one image caught my attention which is in the below URL,

I just wanted to see the image but accidentally got into ur link and just peeped ur link. After going thgough few articles/poems u written i cannot avoid myself to send you a message of appriciation about your works here. Its amazing blog u created with a poetic sense and it made me to read many poems u written. This is cool and written in simple ways so that all can understand.

Good to know about you and hats up to you. Keep Rocking.

thanks Sudarshan !! 🙂

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