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It’s been almost two months since I posted my last post. I like writing but sometimes time passes by in such a fast and furious pace that we find ourselves just a mute spectator watching a race course from sidelines. So here is a small attempt to begin the magic again!

When i sit to write something, there are broadly two things which happen along…structuring of thoughts which happens in my mind and then translation of those ideas onto paper. So in a way a blank white paper (it could be a diary page..a notepad..or a doc on my lappy) plays a major role in catapulting me far away into a world of my own thoughts… is an ode to the white blank inspiring freshness of a piece of paper… (looking strange!!…well i myself find writing a strange but unique experience… πŸ˜‰ )

mocking paper…..

teasing me, grinning at me
chasing me like a frenetic bee
tickling me like a child in glee
mocking paper, stirring writer in me!

so much to praise so much to muse
gifts of nature in so many kinds & hues
but sometimes i go into creative slumber & snooze
mocking paper then gives me a keen eye to choose my muse!

ideas knock on me and pass by
sometimes linger for a moment and fly by
but its untouched freshness inspires me to try
to capture my thoughts before they fly away and high!

triggering my thoughts, my imagination
turning my isolation into thoughtful levitation
constant companion in my realizations and revelations
its him who gives me direction and pulls me out of stagnation!


PS…mocking paper is in fact a mocking bird giving our imagination a flight of fancy…. πŸ™‚


swinging specs in light
dancing free, shining bright
popping in our sight in a twilight
titillating imagination with delight

gliding birds in sky
carefree, swift, soaring high
sailing towards, where ocean meets sky
inspiring in us passion with a zealous sigh

drifting clouds in blue
doing tango in an enormous view
changing shapes subtle to construe
stirring us everytime to learn unlearn anew

swirling fishes in lake
forming whirlpools in their wake
steering in glorious colors with no mistake
quivering our minds with a vibrant shake

doodling days and nights
far from crowds in carefree delights
swinging in nature’s cradle, colorful and bright
giving our lovely cherished childhood an eager invite!!


PS….we could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it..

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..

crazy heart and its crazy whispers
crazy is its beats & crazy is its quivers
crazy is its squirm & crazy is its shiver
crazy is its twinkle & crazy is its desire to peer
that crazy spectacle of her beauty’s beam..

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..

crazy is the world, need a crazy friend
crazy is its frenzy, need someone to hold & depend
crazy be a tune, crazy be its melody to transcend
crazy be my legs and crazy be their desire to ascend
that crazy elation of dance’s stream..

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..

crazy be a solitary dark, crazy be a serene peace
crazy be a shivering flame, crazy be a way for feelings to unleash
crazy be a willing veil, eager to part with that glowing gleam
crazy be a willing veil, slowly showing in a subtle scheme
that crazy slip over her lovely face as if a lovely dream…

crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..
crazy heart chasing a crazy dream..


PS..isn’t it so wonderful to be crazy πŸ˜‰