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swinging specs in light
dancing free, shining bright
popping in our sight in a twilight
titillating imagination with delight

gliding birds in sky
carefree, swift, soaring high
sailing towards, where ocean meets sky
inspiring in us passion with a zealous sigh

drifting clouds in blue
doing tango in an enormous view
changing shapes subtle to construe
stirring us everytime to learn unlearn anew

swirling fishes in lake
forming whirlpools in their wake
steering in glorious colors with no mistake
quivering our minds with a vibrant shake

doodling days and nights
far from crowds in carefree delights
swinging in nature’s cradle, colorful and bright
giving our lovely cherished childhood an eager invite!!


PS….we could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it..


The first thing I do in the morning is to collect some jowar (type of sorghum) in a carry bag for my best friends pigeons who are always waiting for me in the play ground just behind my building. So today when I reached our mutually fixed place in the ground, I found school kids scattered in the ground in their white dresses. One of them told me that its their School Sports Day. That vim, vigor, vivacity over that child’s face with which he proudly declared his sports day, brought in me all those lovely memories of my own sports days in school alive. I still vividly remember the zeal with which we used to prepare for that prized event and always longed for as many prizes we could grab in different games and athletic events.

With those sweet nostalgic memories overpowering me, I felt this to be a right moment to write a small rhyme about those lovely school days….

Sports day, Our cherished Day
Day full of fun frolic and play
That prized announcement of the day
Sends all the discipline into disarray

Days of prep, training and morning sprints
Frenzy to find a place in selection prints
Verve, vigor, vibes in those spirited stints
Cups and medals titillating with their glints

100m, 200m, relay and many more races
Different games with different chases
High jumps long jumps amidst hooters gazes
Everyone in fray of winning podium places

– Cheers to School Sports Day and its undying spirit!!

View from my window!

View from my window!