Rustic Reflections

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we all live in our own crazy capsules of ever increasing craving for ‘more’ in the crazy chaos of cities that in the process of reaching our destinations, we disregard those small small moments of happiness which could have made our lives journey pleasurable and meaningful in true sense….


here’s an appeal to that unsettling unrelenting part of ourselves to ease a little bit and appreciate the beauty of life which is the greatest gift of god to us !!

busy bee take out some time free
so much beauty, so many splendors to see
birds chirping from ur balcony tree
eager to talk to u, some1 counting 1 2 three..

busy bee take some time out to smile
there is more to life than pile of files
happiness shouldn’t be separated by nautical miles
ur lovely smile makes someone’s every moment worthwhile

busy bee take some time out to dance
life is so ephemeral and dicey, why to take chance
so many enticing enchanting things to jazz up romance
someone wish u to leave all inhibitions to enter music’s trance

busy bee take some time out to reflect
work is not the only way to connect
life goes on in a wink, leaving no time to even suspect
someone’s longing for ur long lost feelings to recollect

busy bee take some time out to praise beauty
office, meetings, work are just a routine duty
there lies treasure trove of nature’s untouched booty
someone wanting you to make his life delectable as a fruity!!

when i grow up, i want to be a little boy...

PS…Life is beautiful !!