Rustic Reflections

Indian polity – democratic legacy or dramatic travesty..

Posted on: December 12, 2008

democracy is a delicacy, in its true sense..
but no more than hypocrisy, in its real sense..

so many parties, with so many manifestos..
hard to gauge a friend among so many fishy foes..

promises, claims, flamboyant speeches and declarations..
just ways to draw masses and grab votes in sugary deceptions..

vote is a symbol of our say in the system..
manipulative politics stigmatize this rightful custom..

no criteria for entering into politics..
power hungry thugs bring nation into terrible fix..

parliament is a place to discuss and debate..
selfish-intents take public-interest to pitiable fate..

executive and judiciary are always at loggerheads..
bills ordinances amendments weaken already loosened threads..

public money squandered in the name of common man..
only to fatten already bulging pockets of ruling clan..

people want their leaders to lead the race..
coalition blame-game leads us to shame and disgrace..

democracy is for, by and of the people..conceptually..
but to live by its meaning is far from reality..really..


PS…crippling carnage in mumbai recently was just another manifestation of this dramatic travesty….high time to awaken and take some action !!


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