Rustic Reflections

Proof of pudding is in the taste..

Posted on: November 8, 2008

Proof of pudding is in the taste….it’s only when we taste exquisite, exotic and eclectic delectables or not-so-palatable eatables we recognize the contrast between sweet, sour, spicy tastes of dishes. Likewise life is full of contrasts and ironies, twists and turns, which are sometimes as sharp as a bee-sting yet sometimes as colorful as season of spring..

here’s a medley of some colors and flavors of life…

one moment gain
one moment pain
boon and bane
intertwined in a chain

one ray of hope
another of dope
sometimes an easy slope
sometimes difficult to cope

someone to blame
someone to claim
sometimes shattered aims
sometimes glorified names

sounds of merriment
bouts of repent
sometimes a pleasant event
sometimes unbearable torment

anxiety of uncertainty
happiness abound insanity
sometimes shaken with life’s verity
sometimes stirred up by its hilarity

Colors of Life !!

Colors of Life !!

PS…my goodness….its too serious for me to write all this….but then sometimes a little bit contemplation is also cool.. 😉


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