Rustic Reflections

its sunday again !!

Posted on: November 8, 2008

its sunday again..
lazy morning, dreamy brain..

ample sleep..
so many snoozes of alarm beep..

skipping breakfast..
feasting on brunch in contrast..

massages, caresses, long showers..
forgetting office, those excuciating hours..

TOI, HT, magazines..
far from crowds in creative genes..

chatting, calling forgotten friends..
hi, hello, whats up..his girlfriends, her boyfriends..

remembrances of sweetheart..
appointments..long calls..breaking records & charts..

movies, plays, shopping ads..
planning evenings in snoozy yet zealous fads..

family, friends and get-to-gather..
drinks, dinner, desserts and fun even greater..

so quick passage of the day..
then comes the night and gnsd sms begins its play!!



1 Response to "its sunday again !!"


Really awesome. It seems to be a description of my own sunday. Very beautifully written

But I couldn’t understand ” breaking records and charts” in that particular line

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