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Saturday ‘play’ at nariman bay!

Posted on: November 7, 2008

Its been almost a year since I visited Nariman Point last time. Its hard to believe that living in mumbai, one keeps away from one of the prime places of city but then time is such a well-rounded ball moving steadily over an immaculately grown grass cover, that one doesnt even realize sometimes when it crosses boundaries. So last saturday while browsing the newspaper through my bleary still-sleepy eyes I came across an ad of a play by Girish Karnad and somehow I got this feeling to check it out.

I left for NCPA, Tata Theatre at sharp 5:30 PM from my house and juggling hop-overs from auto to train to cab, I finally reached the venue. When we see the glorious span of sea in front of us with wind blowing all over and taking away with it all our hang-overs, we then realize that the tumultuous ride from our home to this part of the city is really worth it. With just 10 mins to go, I rushed to collect ticket and grabbed my seat just 2 mins before the start of the show. One interesting thing to notice is that in case of theatres, the farther you sit in amphitheatres, the lesser you to pay in contrast to the regular cineplexes.

There is always a different kind of ambiance associated with such artistic, creative places and we get this feeling that something stimulating, something invigorating and something scintillating is waiting for us to uncover our own imagination and creative instincts. So finally the clock touched 7, lights went off, one voice requested to switch off cell-phones and there we were eagerly waiting for Karnad’s latest play to unveil its magic!

The “Wedding Album”, a contemporary new play witten by Girish Karnad and directed by Lillete Dubey, explores the traditional Indian Wedding with an inside out approach to showcase the individual and collective feelings, expectations, understandings, responsibilities, suspicions, vulnerabilities along with love and respect within the family from different dimensions. It uses a familiar medium of a middle class family: a daughter who lives abroad with her professional techie husband, a brother who is a software designer and a younger daughter happy enough to marry a suitable boy from the US she has never met, a retired father, a dutiful devoted mother and a loyal cook. A family which is educated, liberal and modern but yet deeply rooted to Indian values. In all the hullaballoo of celebrations and preparations for marriage, many scenes of the play show its members disguising their hidden feelings, expectations, suspicions in relations, misunderstandings with a cloak of contemporary projection of respectability in a double image.

Wedding Album - Star Cast

Wedding Album - Star Cast

Depiction of these intricate relations was done with such a smooth flow and ease and with such a good quality humor in between the lines that it turned out to be a quality, hilarious and moving spectacle. AC was strong inside, yet it was not its chill but an excellent display of expressions, feelings, speech and humor which gave a butterflies to stomach,shivering to spine and food-for-thought to mind.

Journey back to home comprised of the same cab-train-auto ride but it all happened so swiftly pondering over different characters of the play that reached home in no time.

‘Saturday ‘play’ at nariman bay’ was really a good experience revelatory of the times we live in today !!


1 Response to "Saturday ‘play’ at nariman bay!"

Awesome Sumit !!!!

All the Blogs are lyrical and electricifing . I didnt know about the poetic side of yours.
Believe me !!! William Wordsworth is born and this time in India .

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