Rustic Reflections


Posted on: November 4, 2008

It’s been always on my mind to start a blog but never went further than browsing through the enormous and amazing treasure trove of blogs splashed over the canvass of world wide web. I have been writing regularly for almost a year now, so I thought I should now present a cradle to the whims and whispers of my squirming mind and a lullaby of direction and structure to my thoughts so that they embark on a beautiful journey of rustic reflections.

And ‘blog’ is just the right way of pampering the mischievous child within oneself. So when I decided to start a blog, the first thing was to select a name for it. After a long battle of eager names, Rustic Reflections came over as victorious. You must be thinking why such an ‘out of the blue’ name but there are a couple of reasons behind its victory. First is that its initials are so very much special to me and make up my most beautiful heartfelt dream. Second is its meaning – simple artless portrayal of thoughts which are nothing but reflections of ourselves in the mirror of our hearts.

Here is a small lullaby and a prayer to keep away any whammy….

So much to learn
So much to unlearn
Never should my mind
Stop its quest to yearn

So much to see and feel
So much to convey and reveal
Always should my heart
be passionate and full of zeal

So strong as a sturdy tree
So relentless as a river flowing free
Always should my spirit
Be upbeat and busy as an untiring bee

So vibrant as a rainbow
So gleaming as sun’s glow
Always should my dreams
Be fountainhead of vision to grow!!



2 Responses to "Fountainhead!"

This IS nice!
Especially the small poem…

The name of the blog certainly is uncommon And mystic!

mast likhne lage ho dost…….it is really good……aur initials ka secret kya hai …? 🙂

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